Thursday, 15 June 2017

Cleansing with Estée Lauder - 3 Products to remove your Makeup

I really went out of my comfort zone here: I finally tried different products to remove my makeup and ignored my beloved Caudalie Cleansing Oil. How did that happen? First, two of the three products mentioned below were sent to me by Estée Lauder and I love to try new products. Second, I tried the balm at a blogger event and it felt absolutely amazing on the skin. Third, I ran out of my Caudalie Cleansing Oil and I already had the Estée Lauder products at home. And finally, they all look exceptionally luxurious and pretty. How could I resist? 

I'm talking about two different product lines here: two products are from the Advanced Night collection, one is Double Wear. Anyway, all three help you to remove your makeup in their own way. There's the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam*, which shouldn't be used to remove eye makeup, the Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm and the Double Wear Long-Wear Makeup Remover Wipes. 

The Advanced Night Micro Cleansing products remove makeup and soothe the skin with lavender and camomile. 

The Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Foam is meant to be used on damp skin. Take a small amount and massage it into the skin. It will foam a little but not too much, just be careful not to rub it into your eyes. It costs CHF 40, not cheap but not way too expensive either. I use this product when I'm not wearing mascara, which does happen at least once a week. This easily removes all of my makeup and leaves my face clean and refreshed. The only downside is that my skin sometimes feels a tad bit dry after using it, that's how I justified buying the balm for myself, I mean, "balm" does sound more hydrating, right? 

The Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm does exactly what I asked for. It removes all of my makeup, doesn't sting my eyes and doesn't leave an oily film, so it's no problem to use it if you wear contact lenses. I often use waterproof mascara so I have to carefully massage my eyelashes to make sure all the mascara is gone, but it works. The balmy texture feels wonderful on the skin and leaves it clean and smooth. This is the product I use on day to day basis, it costs CHF 48 which I think is ok for a good cleanser and this one lasts for a while. 

Both products feel soothing on the skin and I noticed that my skin tone looks even and well balanced when I used these cleansing products. 

Estée Lauder has an option for lazy girls too: Double Wear Long-Wear Makeup Remover Wipes*. I wouldn't recommend using wipes on a daily basis to remove your makeup. I use them when I'm traveling or when I wear a lot of makeup and want to remove most of it before using the cleansing balm. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how effective these are. They're really soft, thick and moist and I can remove my whole makeup with two wipes! It's difficult to remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner because I don't want to rub on my eyes too much, I like to keep my eye lashes... however, it is possible to get rid of it without being too harsh on the eyes if you have a little patience. Just press the wipe onto your eyes for a few seconds and carefully wipe the product off. It's obviously not the best option to remove waterproof eye makeup but it does a decent job, that's why I love using them on the plane, they leave the skin clean, soft and fresh. At CHF 38 for 45 wipes I do think they're rather expensive. They perform really well and they're great for traveling but I'm not sure I would be okay with spending that much on face wipes. 

All in all, I'm perfectly happy with the three products. They do a good job at removing makeup and soothing my skin. I will go back to my Caudalie Cleansing Oil though. It just provides the extra bit of moisture my dry skin needs and it makes getting rid of waterproof products a bit easier.

What's your favourite cleanser?

Have a great day!

xx Cheryl

*Press samples, all opinions are honest and my own

Monday, 5 June 2017

Express Your Soul by Rituals - Event Impressions and Shower Foam Review

Hello there!

If you're a fan of Rituals I'm sure you already know about the new limited edition Express Your Soul*. I've had the chance to go to my first-ever Rituals event where this collection was introduced and it was a blast! The whole set up looked amazing. There was a frozen yogurt booth, a sunbed to enjoy a virtual reality experience, a henna tattoo station, a bar - obviously ;-) and a lot more. 

Here are some impressions of the event for you:

We all got a plain white bag to spray-paint, which was really fun! 
Look at all the toppings! 
And Karma is back! Such a lovely scent <3

Rituals also launched a refreshing herbal iced tea in the Express Your Soul collection. It's a mixture of different herbs, mainly lemon verbena and curled mint and it tastes minty and fresh, it's great to hydrate during a hot day. The tea comes in triangle shaped tea bags. To prepare the tea just infuse one tea bag with tap water and leave it for about eight minutes. If you like, you may add an orange. It looks even yummier if you do!

Refreshing herbal iced tea
A part of the bar with the Instagram wall

The whole collection is beautifully designed by MadC, a german graffiti writer. The ingredients of the tea represent the scent of Express Your Soul: a fresh combination of verbena and petitgrain, an essential oil gained from the leaves and bark of the orange tree. 

I've tested the shower foam for you. If you're familiar with the Rituals shower foam you will already know that this is veeeeery foamy. One pump is enough to cover your entire body with foam and as a result look like a snow man. I absolutely love it! That's why I always have one of Rituals' shower foams in my shower. The scent of this one is - as I told you before - fresh and citrusy. It's great for the morning because it gives you the little kick you need to wake up but I have to admit that I'm not a great fan of this scent in a body lotion or a body mist, I feel like scents like this belong into the shower - or in a tea. And that's exactly what I think about the whole collection: the scrub and the shower foam are nice but the rest of the products aren't really up my street. Not because of the quality, the quality is great as always but because I don't want to smell verbena and petitgrain the whole day.

Have you tried Express Your Soul yet? I'm really interested in what you think about the new scent and it would make me really happy if you left a comment below. 

I hope you've had a great weekend and I wish you a lovely, sunny week!

xx Cheryl 

*press samples, all opinions are honest and my own

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Michael Kors - Sexy Blossom Eau de Parfum

About two months ago I've had the chance to experience a "fragrance journey" with ADF, the Estée Lauder division for a lot of designer fragrances such as Michael Kors. We've spent a great evening learning how to tell the difference between certain essences and oils which are used to create beautiful scents just like the one I'm writing about today: Michael Kors' Sexy Blossom*. 

The experience was absolutely amazing, I've learnt about ingredients and how to gain them, here's an example: There's a special rose, rosa centifolia, which is difficult to grow. The soil, the amount of light and water have to be just right. And as they bloom, they have to be picked by hand and transported to the perfume factory on the same day to get the right fragrance out of them. That's a very mundane description of the process compared to the poetic way the lovely presenter at the event described it. But I hope you got the idea. And did you know that vanilla takes 3.5 years to ripen? That's insane, right? Anyway, let's talk about Michael Kors now ;-) 

Sexy Blossom is a scent that I find very easy to like. It's fruity but also flowery and fresh at the same time. (It's officially described as a floral-woody scent but I think the fruity part is quite obvious too) The scent is light and young, you might have guessed already: a great scent for spring and summer.

In the top note are litchi and rose petals, that's where the fruity part of the scent comes from, the one you smell first. The heart note is all floral, a combination of freesia and peony among others and it has a wooden base note with musk and sandalwood. Not sure if you noticed it over the last couple of posts about perfumes but I like my wooden base notes. 

After a couple of minutes, the fruity scent is less obvious and the bloomy notes stand out. It still smells absolutely great and spreads a real summer vibe.

Sexy Blossom comes is a gorgeous pink packaging with a golden top which I find very stylish. It costs around CHF 85 for 50ml, not cheap but not an expensive scent either. How much do you usually spend on perfumes? 

Have you tried any Michael Kors fragrances? Let me know in the comments if you like this scent. 

Have a great day!

xx Cheryl

* press sample, all opinions are honest and my own.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Caudalie Vineactiv - Skincare for Busy Women

Hello there!

Yes, I'm still alive. If you're a student too, I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain to you why there hasn't been a lot of new content on the blog recently. But I'll do it anyway because it's nice to share, a problem shared is a problem halved, right? 

It's exam season, or in my case the season where everyone wants me to do a presentation and a paper on whatever project I have to do for the course. So I'm busy writing, designing and so on and it's honestly very stressful. A phase my skin doesn't like, so I thought it's the perfect time to put Caudalie's new Vineactiv skincare collection to the test because it is designed especially for young, active women with an endless to-do list. It fights the signs of fatigue and keeps the skin looking young and radiant. And I love the name of their innovative composition of ingredients: the anti cell burn-out complex! That's exactly what I need right now. It contains grape polyphenol and an antioxidant gained from spruce to help soothe stressed skin. 

The Vineactiv collection contains a glow activating anti-wrinkle serum, an energizing and smoothing eye cream, a 3-in-1 moisturizer and an overnight detox oil. I've tested the whole line for four weeks and I noticed that only using the products of this collection, my skin was slightly dehydrated after the four weeks. It will definitely be enough moisture for normal or oily skin but the dry skinned ladies might have to use a hydrating mask in between. 

The 3-in-1 moisturizer and the eye cream have a very relaxing herbal scent and they sink in really quickly and make a nice base for foundation. I've been using the eye cream around my nose and as a lip treatment over night from time to time as well. It is hydrating enough for my under eye area and the other areas I mentioned but it doesn't fight my dark circles which is kind of an issue when I don't get enough sleep. I like to use it over night but in the morning I rather use something more energizing. 

The serum is my favourite product from the collection, it has the same discreet herbal scent and feels instantly soothing on the skin. The texture is light and gel like and combined with the 3-in-1 moisturizer it's just enough for my morning routine. The only thing that bugs me is that there's still a lot of product left when the pump doesn't work anymore. 

After applying the serum I massaged my face with six drops of the Overnight Detox oil every night before going to bed. And let me warn you: the scent is not boyfriend-approved! The oil has a rather strong scent and it stays for a little while. I find it quite relaxing, however, Mr. T doesn't agree. Even though this is an oil, it sinks in completely over night and I think it is suitable for oily skin too. 

The overall effect of Vineactiv on my skin was that it didn't and doesn't look stressed even though I'm going through a stressful time right now. I usually break out during this time and my complexion looks sallow, which didn't happen using the Vineactiv collection. Nevertheless, for my dry skin I had to use a moisturizing serum before applying the oil over night, it didn't spend enough moisture on its own. An effect I couldn't see was the added glow. My skin is usually quite glowy but this skincare routine wasn't able to keep the glow up during exam season. Anyway, I think Vinosource does a good job because my skin doesn't look stressed and that's exactly what I wanted. With a moisturizing mask every week the collection and I currently live a happy life together.

The products are available in pharmacies and drugstores. Here's a little overview of the prices for you:

3-in-1 Moisturizer: CHF 42.40
Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream: CHF 34.40
Serum: CHF 47.30
Overnight Detox Oil: CHF 39.40

Have you tried the Vineactic collection yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a great day and if you're preparing for exams as well: good luck! You can do it!


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Review - John Frieda Luxurious Volume Inner Power Collection for Fine Hair

Over the last couple of weeks I've been testing some products from John Frieda's new Luxurious Volume Inner Power* collection for fine hair, namely the Protein Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Volume Concentrate. 

The products contain protein to strengthen the hair over time, which makes it look more voluminous. I've been using the original John Frieda Touchably Full Shampoo regularly and really like it so my expectations for this new collection were quite high. 

Strangely, the scent of the Shampoo and Conditioner reminds me of hair spray, which is kind of weird considering I'm using shampoo to wash my hair and get rid of any product in them. After the first couple of times of just using the shampoo and conditioner, I didn't notice any difference in the general appearance of my hair. This changed after using the products for about two weeks straight. My hair definitely had more body and grip. Sadly, it felt dryer too. I can get away using the products once a week without my hair getting too dry but to be honest, the effect of using it only once a week just isn't as good.

However, using the Volume Concentrate on its own is enough to add extra volume to my hair and this volume stays for two or even three days. No drying effects here. For some reason, when I use the concentrate my roots don't get greasy as fast as they usually do, the concentrate just gives my roots a little lift. It's a total win for me. 

I apply two pumps of the concentrate directly to the roots of my freshly washed and towel dry hair and brush through my hair to make sure the product is distributed evenly. Then I blow dry my hair cold like I would normally do. And there's the volume! It's such an easy product to use, I wouldn't want to miss it in my hair routine anymore. 

All in all, the products add a lot of volume to my hair but the shampoo and conditioner are slightly drying when used regularly. Using the concentrate is an effortless way to add volume to the hair without the drying effect, but doesn't add the extra grip to the hair. 

All three products are available for around CHF 15 each. The collection is available in other countries  too but the naming is different, e.g. Core Restore collection in the UK. 

What products do you use to make your hair look full and voluminous? 

Have a lovely day!


* press samples, all opinions are honest and my own

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Louis Widmer L'Eau de Peau Perfume Collection - Free from Allergens

I'm really excited to introduce you Louis Widmer's new L'Eau de Peau perfume collection* today. The reason why I'm that enthusiastic writing about these scents is the fact that they're all created without allergens. It's a happy time for allergy sufferers! The perfumes all smell great and they're very different from each other so there's a good chance you'll like at least one of them. But let's have a closer look at the three scents now. 

First of all, I love the box they came in. Look at the model's beeeeautiful make-up look! It's just stunning! 

The reason why Louis Widmer created this collection of allergen free perfumes is that a lot of people are allergic to essential oils or other plant extracts and therefore can't spray perfume directly onto the skin. But the scent of perfumes only fully develops in contact with the skin or rather the oils or fats on the surface of the skin. This is also the explanation to why perfumes often smell different on every person. 

The names of the three perfumes do say quite a bit about their actual scent already, the Eau Fraîche smells really fresh, the Eau Douceur is a rather sweet option and the Parfum Elixir is the most classic, most sophisticated scent out of the three. 

When I'm testing perfumes, I spray them onto a tissue and onto my wrist and I check the scent every few minutes to write down what I can smell. Only when I think the scent has fully developed, I check the actual description of the scent to see whether I was able to tell what's in there or not. And you know what? After doing this for quite a while now, I think I'm getting better at it, hooray! I also had a perfume workshop with Aramis and Designer Fragrances a few weeks ago, maybe this helped too ;-) more on this workshop will follow on the blog soon.

Eau Douceur - the fragrance in the pretty pink flacon - is the sweetest and youngest scent of the three. It basically smells like a dessert with vanilla, almond and caramel. It's a warm, cozy scent and heavier than the other two but it has light floral notes too. The base note is created with almond, musk, crème caramel and ambroxan. The heart note contains heliotropin, iris and jasmine, the top note neroli and hedione HC. If you like sweet scents, you should definitely check this one out, it's a very natural sweet scent which reminds me of cookies and I like cookies (who doesn't?). It costs CHF 69 for 50ml. 

My favourite is Eau Fraîche because it's a very fresh, light and summery scent which instantly makes me happy. My first guess was that it contains something citrusy but it's a combination of peach and green tea giving the perfume its fresh note. It's an active scent, if that makes any sense? The base note contains peach, fresh musk and cedarwood, the heart note jasmine, freesia and green tea. Green leaves and jasmine hedione HC (I think this means it's a patented essence) form the top note. I'm slightly addicted to this scent because I can smell it the whole day and it makes me feel like I just hopped out of the shower, fresh and awake. Again, the 50ml bottle is available for CHF 69. 

The last scent was the one I tested first. One sniff was enough to know that this was going to be my mums new perfume, that's why it's at her home now. Parfum Elixir is a powdery, warm and soft scent which is very feminin but still discreet enough to be perfectly suitable for every day. Musk, sandalwood, cedarwood and ambrettolide form the base note, bulgarian rose, iris and jasmine the heart note. The top note includes aquatic (something related to sea water?) and lotus. The reason I gave this to my mum is not that I think this is a  more mature scent but because I know she doesn't like overpowering scents but prefers subtle scents like this one which is there and just makes a woman smell amazing without being too obvious. It's a perfum, not an eau de toilette which makes it a little more expensive but CHF 79 is still fair for a lovely 50ml perfume. 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the L'Eau de Peau collection. The scents are beautiful, the design of the flacons is chic and the prices are definitely ok for perfumes of this quality. The whole collection will be available from the 2nd May in pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland. 

What do you think of the collection? Do you know any other allergen-free perfumes?

Happy Easter to all of you!


*press samples, huge thank you to Louis Widmer for this beautiful treat! As always, opinions are honest and my own. 

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Giveaway - Caudalie & Kure Bazaar Limited Edition Gift Set

Good morning beautiful!

I'm reeeally excited for what I'm about to tell you: For the one-year anniversary of the Vinosource collection Caudalie launched a limited edition gift set in collaboration with Kure Bazaar and I have three of these lovely designed sets to give away to three lucky winners*! Hooray!

Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas and Kure Bazaar co-founder Kartika Luyet met at the opening of the Caudalie boutique in LA . The women share the ambition of creating products with natural formulas which persuade with impeccable effects and glamour, so they decided to do a collaboration for this gift set.

Each of the sets contain a skincare product from Caudalie's Vinosource collection and a Kure Bazaar nail polish. The Vinosource Sorbet Set contains the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet face cream, which is a very light moisturizer. One set contains the Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid which is great for oily skin and the last set comes with the S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum for dehydrated skin. The nail polish matches the colour of the Caudalie product packaging, the cutest shades of pink and red.

I wrote an in-depth review on the Vinosource face creams about a year ago, you may read it here if you like. 

The products contain organic grape water and they're all designed for a specific skin type or skin issue. I can only show you the set with the Mattifying Fluid in detail because that's the one I got and I didn't want to open your sets but to be honest, I would have chosen a different set for my skin type if I had the option. I haven't had the chance to put the S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum to the test yet but I guess it would be perfect for my skin so it's on my shopping list. 

I have the three mentioned sets to give away to you, so there will be three winners, chosen at random. The giveaway is open from today till the 15th April 2017, midnight, swiss time. 

*** Giveaway closed ***

Conditions to enter the giveaway:

1. You are a resident of Switzerland or you have an address in Switzerland.

2. Leave a comment below or write an e-mail to Please include your e-mail address to make sure I can contact you in case you won.

3. If you're under 18 years old, please ask your parents for permission to enter the giveaway. 

4. If you want to make me extra happy, support swissbeautytalk by following me on Instagram and Bloglovin or like the blog on Facebook.

The three winners will be chosen using and I'll pronounce them in this blog post, Sunday, 16th April. The winners will also be contacted via e-mail and they have 5 days to claim their prize. If the prize isn't claimed by midnight, 21st April, I will choose a new winner at random.

If you're wondering why the conditions of my giveaways are more detailed than they used to be, it's due to some difficulties I experienced during one of my Christmas giveaways and it cost time and nerve to sort it out which is kind of frustrating considering the fact that I'm giving away free products hoping to make people happy. I love to host giveaways on the blog and I really want to keep it up but keep them simple at the same time.

If you didn't win the set or you want to buy it anyway, they're available in pharmacies now for CHF 27.60 for the set with the face cream or CHF 34.30 for the set with the serum.

*** Giveaway closed ***

I'm happy to announce the three lucky winners:

Moisturizing Mattifying Fluid Set: Vanessa B.

S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum Set: Fabienne K.

Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Set: Carmen C. 

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments and e-mails, I hope you'll come back soon and maybe win next time? :-) 

Have a great day!

*products courtesy of Caudalie Switzerland and Grauwiler Testa PR